High School Reunion Organization Ideas

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Planning a reunion is not a one person job. If several mates pitch in with their own tasks, your reunion will come off without a hitch. We only do this every five years or so. Make it a great time you can remember for the next five years! Delegation is the key. One or two people need to hunt down the class. Do you already have a list of classmates and their addresses and emails? If you need a list compiled, find a copy of your senior yearbook. Don’t try to do this by memory, you’ll leave out people. Classmates.com is a great site to join when you are beginning. You’ll see that there are likely many of your classmates already registered here. The fee is minimal, and you can email, post photos, and more, on this site. It so easy. You have a ready group at your fingertips. Your friends on Classmates.com might be able to help find the few elusive ones.

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